sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013

You're the only one I need

In your eyes I find a hope,
A hope in your eyes I’ve seen.
And on your lips I find a kiss,
A kiss that gives me wings:
To fly away into the sky,
Into the sky so blue.
I’d give up everything I am,
To be everything to you.

In my soul there is a yearning,
To hold you in my arms.
And in my heart there is a burning,
To keep you from all harm.

Your voice as sweet as honey,
ever-tender in my ear.
Your lips dripping nectar from the gods
To sooth away my fears.

In your fingertips I find a touch,
Feels like fire on my skin.
You’ve given me the torch of love,
To light my flame again.

I want to lay with you under the stars,
To see them sparkle in the skies,
To kiss your lips so tenderly
And get lost in the depth of your eyes.

In your smile I see a love,
A love that stretches to the skies.
And in my smile I know you’ll find
A love that will NEVER die.

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